But a plot of land.

Architect drawings (Plan) are drawn up and approved by the city council. Make sure you hire an architect that insists on visiting your stand in order to come up with the house design, this will ensure a design that takes advantage of your stand positioning and orientation. Remember that Zimbabwe is in the southern hemisphere therefore your houses (main living areas) should face north in order to get the most sunlight.Your engineer will study the new house plans and specify where you will require certain beams, structures and reinforcing, particularly with a double storey and sloping plots. The Engineer will draw technical specifications which illustrate where the structural reinforcing has to be placed and how it is to be designed.

A copy of each engineers drawing are handed to the Building Contractor, Architect, Owner, Municipality, (for inclusion with your original drawings). The Engineer will inspect each selected area as it is finished before signing each one off.

Step 2

Erect Wooden cabin (this will be used by the guy that looks after your stand and for the storage of building materials. We recommend a 6×3 cabin.
The municipality will require a connection fee to erect a tap for you to get connected to the main water supply and thereby water to site, if there is no water connection a 50 000litre water tank is recommended ($550). It costs $50 to fill such a container.
Temporary toilet erected in place and connected
The site is levelled and cleared.

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